Suddenly, I was hit by a flashback that made things very incoherent in the way that a prequel to the day’s events just refutes the logical order of things.


I was taken back to a time when the day was cold given that the drought had broken except it wasn’t raining. A man stood at the foot of my bed and I sat up. He was tall though my size relative to the headboard may have altered this observation. He was also slender in the way a rhinoceros is not. Darkness enveloped him and his subtle features were shrouded by the mystery that lurks in shadows.

An icy cold crept up through my extremities whereupon his single utterance destroyed all chances that this cold had at inducing a meaningful sense of hypothermia. He had said hallo. Hello with an ‘A’? I thought this was peculiar and instead of extending this warm greeting back to the shadowy figure I questioned him on why he had used an ‘A’. He replied that it was inconsequential and that asking such an inconsequential question was suitably inconsequential. He left through the closed door which had spontaneously materialized where my windows used to be. I wept at the inconsequential memory of this friendly stranger. An equally sudden and inconsequential event awoke me from my trance. A voice had said hallo in a way that was not totally inconsequentially unfamiliar to me. I followed the voice to an empty corner where I got the distinct impression that it would be sitting on a stool, waiting for me to sort out the various dead arachnids in the opposite corner of the room suspended by a light breeze from the door.